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Team On Time


Vocation Constructive.

Positive surprises.

We make the deadlines.

Specialization. Construction vocation. No surprises. We make your dreams come true—and your deadlines, too.

Values such as safety, transparency, innovation, and communication with the client are a part of Llorca Group’s commandments.

1. Safety: Safety in the workplace is our number one priority.
2. Quality: Quality should be of utmost importance in all aspects of the construction process.
3. Planning: Clear deadlines must be established, risks must be identified and managed, and a rigorous planning process must be followed to ensure success.
4. Budgeting: Managing budgets efficiently is key to project success.
5. Communication: Effective communication between team members, clients, and other people involved is crucial to succeed.
6. Innovation: Construction companies should be open to new technologies and construction methods. They should invest in research and development to improve their processes.
7. Sustainability: Sustainability should be a key consideration in construction. That’s why we try to find ways to reduce our environmental impact and to improve our power efficiency.
8. Team: Construction is a matter of teams, and a construction company must encourage collaboration and teamwork to achieve project goals.
9. Transparency: Transparency is essential to establish a relationship based on trust with our clients. We are transparent in our decision-making process, in our cost management, and in our relationships with other team members.
10. Social responsibility: We are socially responsible and contribute to the welfare of various entities, with actions such as supporting education or investing in social and cultural projects in our community.


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