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About the people in Llorca Group

Over 50 years of professionalism, trust and honesty in this industry.

We have a highly qualified technical team whose main concern is to achieve the total satisfaction of our clients. We always see to offer the best value for money in the shortest time possible. Our team creates quality spaces to meet our clients’ needs and demands.

In our company, professionalism, trust and honesty are the foundations of any project we take on.

Josep S. Llorca Gomis

Company’s CEO

I would like to tell you about where we come from, who we are and where we want to go.

I will introduce myself first:

I am from Villajoyosa, Alicante, and I come from a hard-working, strong, and most importantly, kind family. Salvador, my father, was the one who started this business, and through his effort, drive and good work he led us to taking over and developing what we are today.

Now, let me tell you about the real main characters of this company:

Luis Miguel: He is an expert in construction and a great person. He is the General Manager in Llorca Group.

Miguel: He is strong and works harder than anyone for this company. He is our Administration Manager.

M.ª Carmen: She is a professional woman who loves her work. Strong, brave, and our Technical Director.

Javier: Hard-working and intelligent. He is the Management Controller in our company.

Believe me when I say all of them are exceptional people and great professionals. It is not he who knows more that is smarter, but he who knows to be surrounded by the best—and these people are the best.

We work very hard and put a lot of effort day after day, and we have achieved huge goals: we have almost doubled our sales volume year after year, hiring as a result about 150 people directly, and many more from other industries and outsourcing.

We have had a great impact in La Marina Alta, Alicante, and La Marina Baixa, and recently we have also reached Gerona, Valencia, Ibiza, and Madrid. I know soon we will be building nationwide, and I will tell you why—because we are a team who is committed to bringing quality, and who values the greatest of all assets: time. We think meeting and improving deadlines is our duty, and that’s what really differences us from the rest. We try to improve every day, and we believe setting protocols and being respectful to each other is the only way.

Regarding our future… God only knows. But we want to be one of the largest construction companies in Spain, for ‘there is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living’.

Thank you.

Javier Sempere


Luis M. García

General Manager

M. Carmen Lloret

Construction Team Manager

Miguel Lloret


Manuel Trenado

Survey Team Manager

Pilar Sirvent

Survey Technician

Vicente López

Survey Technician

Saray Alarcón

Survey Technician

Borja Caler

Survey Technician

Carlos Palomeque

Finance Director

Rosa Baldó


Azahara Aguilera

Purchasing Manager

Mari Nuñez

Process Control Manager

Mercedes Martínez

Purchasing administration

Laura Romero


Ulyana Horosko


Daniela Sixto


Ángela Pérez


Vicent Gomis

Site Manager

Paul Dragus

Facilities Manager

Irene Lorenzo

Site Manager

José Luis Ramos

Site Manager

José M. Pino

Site Manager

Mariya Gusenkova

Assistant Site Manager

Nacho Cabanes

Site Manager

Joaquín García

Site Manager

Andrés Blanes

Site Manager

Francisco Alarcón

Site Manager

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